Chabad East DC is a community. It is a warm Jewish Center for all who wish to learn, grow, and strengthen their connection to G‑d. Our team is ever-evolving to best suit the needs of the community. Check out our team below!


Rabbi Yitzy Ceitlin 
Rabbi , Co-Director

Rabbi Yitzy was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and then pursued Rabbinic studies in Connecticut and New York and was ordained in Jerusalem by Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, OBM. As a Rabbinic student, he held many internship positions directing Chabad programs and services in Kenya, Malta, Mexico, Ukraine, Isreal, and various cities across the US, eventually settling in DC with his Washington-native wife Shana. 


Shana Ceitlin
Program Coordinator, Co-Director

Shana (nee Shemtov) was born right here in DC and took her first steps in her family home on C Street NE. Shana studied in New York for many years and then continued on to Jerusalem to further her education in Judaic and Chassidic philosophy and practice. Shana enjoys painting, cooking, and baking Challah early Friday morning. She'd be happy to have you join her to braid the dough and discuss the beauty behind the traditions! 


Rachel Feinstein 
Women Engagement Coordinator

Rachel has lived in the DC area since 2011 and on the Hill since 2015, working in politics. As a longtime member of Women in Government Relations (WGR) and current Board of Directors member, she is involved in the organization’s women’s mentoring program and the advancement of women in the workplace. She also developed a successful women’s mentoring program for a previous employer and continues to advocate for women’s empowerment at work and finding personal balance at home. Rachel enjoys golf, reading, and learning about Jewish mysticism and different ways to incorporate Jewish values into everyday life. Her favorite Chabad function is the women's torah study class, and she is constantly looking for ways to get more women involved in all that Chabad East DC has to offer.


Adam Bandler 

Adam was born and raised in New York State. After graduating from Yeshiva University in 2020, Adam has lived in Washington D.C. working in politics. Some of his favorite things to do include playing with his two pups, watching motorsports, and checking out the latest exhibits at DC's world class museums. In his role as gabbai, Adam ensures that the Minyan runs smoothly, coordinating the various positions during the services. He enjoys Chabad East DC because of the community, the learning and the fun events. 


Richard Gano

Richard was born and raised in Camarillo, California. With his background as a tax attorney for the IRS Office of Chief Counsel and his BA in Accounting, Richard brings sound financial advice to the table. Moshe enjoys getting involved in community events, and loves the adult education classes and summer BBQs. But what stands out about Moshe is his kind heart; although he keeps it discreet, it speaks volumes.